Thursday, 21 July 2011

J's Fetish Anaesthesia Experience (Whole)

J shows up to clinic dressed in a beautiful blue satin strapless ball gown with satin elbow length gloves. As she walks in there is a sign saying please put one of these on with an arrow pointing down to some full face respirators. She picks one up and places it over her face and pulls the straps tight. Now each breath is now muffled with the respirator filtering the air. She walks in to see P dressed in pink scrubs, an isolation gown, long gloves and a full face respirator as well. P tells J that they need to be careful about infection and for J to follow her to the preparation room. Once inside the room P tells J that she is safe to take off her Respirator. J asks P why she isn’t taking of hers and she tells J that she is just being safe in case she had any illness. P checks her vitals such as blood pressure and heart rate. P tells J that she is going to go consult with K on the procedure ahead and that in the mean time she change from her formal gown into some patient attire. J slowly pulls off the long satin gloves one at a time and places them on a side table. She then undoes the silk lace at the back of her dress and slowly pulls it off. She lays it neatly on the side table, after she undoes the clasp on the back of her bra and takes it off. Next she pulls off her underwear in its silk beauty. Now she puts on a pair of pink PVC underpants and fastens the clips on the sides. Now she pulls on the hot pink gown over her breasts and ties the neck and then the waist strap. Her breasts have real definition with the addition of this plastic gown now covering her front.  Next she sits on the gurney and pulls on some pink spandex socks that reach halfway up the shin. P now returns with a satin pink bouffant cap and asks J to put it on. She receives it from P and stretches it over her head and then lets it snap into place containing all of her hair. J asks P why all the attire is pink and P replies saying because they know that the equipment and patients are theirs. P then tells J that she is in for a long procedure and that it would be best if she laid down on the gurney next to her so she could take to the operating room. J reluctantly climbed on to the gurney and laid down with her arms at her sides while P was preparing to wheel her into the OR. She fist pulled on a bouffant cap in the same fashion as J had, her hair completely filling the cap. She then pulled out a white surgical mask and tied it on to her beautiful face compressing the bouffant as she tied it. Last she pulled on a pair of pink long cuff latex gloves letting them snap into place. She then walked over to J quietly in her shiny pink flats. She asked her if she was ready to undergo the procedure and J replied that she had been looking forward to it for a long time. P then pulled some vinyl straps over J’s leg and she questioned this and P replied that it was so she wouldn’t fall off on the way to the Operating room. Comforted by this answer J relaxes as P pulls more pink vinyl straps over her thighs, stomach and chest and fastened them tight. She asked J if she could try to slide off and J replied that she was completely immobile as she struggled to get free. She then relaxed as P released the brake on the gurney and started to wheel her towards the OR. P pushed J’s gurney through the door into the bright pink Operating Room. K was waiting already dressed for the operation in a white transparent bouffant cap and surgical mask tied on compressing her hair as it had P’s. She wore a blue surgical gown with surgical gloves. J glanced around as much as she could being strapped down to the gurney and saw various machines including an anesthesia ventilator with a mask already attached to the ventilator tubing. She asked why the ventilator was needed because she wasn’t supposed to be put under. K replied that she was indeed to be put under due to the pain the procedure might cause and that she will need the machine to breath for her after the surgery as well. Slightly discomforted by the thought J wriggled a bit on the gurney but to no avail she was still strapped on tight. P told her that it was going to be fine that being forced to breath by a machine will be helpful for her afterwards. P pulled the gurney up beside the shiny hot pink operating table and undid the straps that were restraining J. J took a deep breath as K and P moved her over onto the table. At this point P went over to the sink to scrub up for the operation. K attached arm boards to the operating table as well as gyno stirrups. J asked why they needed the stirrups as K proceeded to remove her plastic gown. K replied saying that they needed them so they could place the catheter because she was going to be unable to move from a bed for several days. J seemed ok with this as K placed a high flow oxygen mask on her face and placed the strap behind her head. K then proceeded to start strapping J down but, J was unaware that she needed to be strapped down since the table wasn’t moving and she was going to be put under. J assured her that it was necessary for safety purposes. J again relaxed as K placed the straps over her and tightened them. J was starting to feel exposed as K had put 3 vinyl straps over each arm tightly with the arm boards 90 degrees to the table. K then strapped a cervical collar around her neck and asked J if she could move her neck, she replied no, muffled by the oxygen mask covering her mouth and nose. K said that they needed to be sure that she wouldn’t be able to move the ET tube once she was intubated. K tightened straps above and below her breasts and across her stomach and hips. She then lifted each leg one at a time and placed it around the knee support of the gyno stirrup and into the pink vinyl boot.  She then laid the vinyl cushion over J’s foot and shin and tightened the straps. J was almost completely restrained as K put the straps above and below J’s knee on the knee support. The last strap was tightened over J’s forehead after she removed the oxygen mask and placed an anesthesia mask harness and ET tube holder strap underneath her head. At this point K went over to P and helped her pull on the surgical gown and a pair of latex surgical gloves. P came back over to P and asked if she was ready, J said that she was feeling very uncomfortable being so exposed and helpless feeling and that she wanted to stop. K told her that it was too late for that, that she was legally in the possession of her and P.

 J tried to yell out as P had gotten an oral retractor and placed it in J’s mouth and cranked it open. K then handed P an emergency airway and she slowly placed down J’s throat. P pulled the retractor out and J tried to push the airway out with her tongue but P was holding it down as K handed her the large anesthesia mask. J was struggling with all her might but all the restraints were stopping her from moving a millimeter. P pulled her hand out as she placed the anesthesia mask over J’s face stopping her from pushing the airway out and forcing her to breathe through it. P used the 4 point harness that K had placed under J’s head and tightly fastened the mask over J’s face, squeezing the plastic rim against her face. The rebreather bag inflated and deflated very rapidly as J was now hyper ventilating. K and P were not concerned by this as J was breathing in only oxygen at this point. While P placed EKG electrodes on J’s chest, K was placing an IV in J’s left arm. J couldn’t move her arm at all thanks to the restraints K had placed on her earlier. K then proceeded to place a second IV in J’s right arm to ensure she was receiving enough fluids. P had attached the leads to the electrodes and put a Blood Pressure cuff around one of J’s arms and put a pulse oximeter on her finger. Once all this was hooked up the machines began to beep as they were finding J’s baseline vitals as she had started to calm down understanding that she was completely helpless, only wearing a Bouffant, socks and plastic underwear that was surely to be taken off soon. K said it was now time to intubate her, J’s heart rate spiked almost immediately, panicking that she was to be intubated while awake. P undid the straps of the mask as K pulled up a tray with various items needed for the intubation. Another oral retractor was placed in J’s mouth by K, as P pulled out the airway making J gag. J was too overcome to even try and make a sound as she knew she was completely helpless. K cranked J’s mouth wide open as P prepared the Fiber optic laryngoscope and ET tube that would be used for the intubation. P slowly lowered the laryngoscope down J’s throat peering through the eyepiece. Once she had gotten the tube to the required destination she then had K hold the ET tube as she pulled the scope out. They could hear J was hyperventilating through the tube again. As P removed the mask from the ventilator tubing for J to breathe properly, K attached the ET tube holder to the ET tube and pulled the rubber strap from behind J’s head and fastened it to each side of the tube holder. This pulled the bouffant tight behind J’s head showing how thick her hair was underneath it. P then attached the ventilator tubing to the ET tube and the rebreather bag did as it had before because J was still hyperventilating. The beeping from the heart rate monitor sped up more and more, so K set the anesthesia machine to mechanical ventilation. They now had complete control of J, as her chest rose and fell with each inhale and exhale the ventilator produced. J now knew for sure that she was in for the ride of her life hearing the whoosh of the ventilator that was breathing for her and the other various sounds that the equipment that she was hooked up to made.

Before P and K could begin the procedure they had to catheterize J. They rolled over a tray with several sterile drapes on it. K grabbed the first one and freed it from its packaging. She then handed one side over to P as they brought it over the stirrups and laid it across J’s chest, still rising and falling with each breath from the ventilator. They clamped the upper corners to the drape supports on each side of the table. There was now a barrier between J and the procedure that was to take place. Next both K and P grabbed a stirrup drape that they unfolded and placed over each both legs that were restrained by the stirrups. P then grabbed a specialty drape that had a hole in it to expose J’s vagina only. As P unpackaged the drape K undid the clips on either side of J’s underwear and pulled the plastic underpants off of J exposing her vagina to the cool air of the operating room. As the underpants were pulled off J’s heart rate spiked for a moment as she had indeed been taken surprise by the cold air meeting her warm crotch area. P peeled the tape covering the sticky portion around the hole of the sterile drape. As K controlled the rest of the drape P put the drape in place, pressing it firmly in place. J was now completely covered in sterile drapes from view at the base of the operating table except for her vagina. P now assisted K in putting on a second set of sterile gloves. This set was a thick blue latex material. P, having sterile gloves on, was able to grab the gloves on at a time and stretch them open as K shoved her hand in each one. Pulling the latex tight around her hands and making a snap noise as P let go. P rolled up another tray with a catheterization kit and various instruments as well. K first grabbed the vaginal spreader and placed it inside J’s vagina. She then cranked the handle forcing J’s vagina wide open. P meanwhile had opened the kit and pulled out the Foley catheter and filled the syringe with saline. K then grabbed some cotton balls with a pair of forceps and dipped them in Iodine. She then rubbed the iodine covered cotton in J’s vagina to sterilize her for the catheter to avoid infection. After she was done that, P handed her the catheter. She then slowly inserted it carefully into J’s vagina. Stopping once she saw urine starting to flow into the catheter. She then took the syringe from P and slowly filled the Foley ball that was now inside of J. P was now preparing the tubing and urine bag for attachment to the catheter. K now detached the syringe and tugged slightly on the catheter to make sure it was secure in J’s vagina. After this she loosened the vaginal spreader and removed it. P then pulled the sterile drape off of J’s crotch and then attached the tubing to the catheter. Urine now was able to flow into the bag that P had hooked on the side of the operating table that J was still strapped to. J was still awake and aware and felt P and K removing the main drape off of her chest. K now pulled up a new tray of drapes. They unpackaged the first one and it had a strip of tape on it that they peeled off. K and P lifted it over J and pressed it down above J’s breasts. Since they no longer had a drape to block J from the procedure they again attached it to the drape posts on either side of the table, again putting a barrier up that made J’s heart rate climb again. They then pulled a second drape over J, this time pressing it firmly below J’s breasts and folding it out across her stomach. They then each took the final drapes and pressed them across either side of J so that the only thing now exposed were her breasts. J’s heart rate now climbed even more as she now thought that they were going to perform open heart surgery on her. She had only expected that they would remove her appendix before it caused her any problems. K now came round to the head of the operating table where J’s immobilized head lay. K now pulled a small pink elastic strap underneath J’s head which J wondered what it was going to be for. K now placed a stain pink sleep mask over J’s panicked eyes and pulled the strap through each side making it tight over J’s eyes. J’s heart rate now climbed even more which now caused some concern for P and K. P talked K and told her that it was probably best if they put J under now. Moments later J heard someone turn some dials on the ventilator behind her and then felt a sudden cold rush up her arm. She tried to fight the sleepiness but it was no use, she couldn’t fight as she had no control, not even her breathing. She drifted off into unconsciousness. K and P now said that they had now finished their job. As J was still asleep they removed the sterile drapes and took the vinyl straps off of J so she could move again, if she were conscious. As K pulled J’s legs out of the stirrups and removed the arm board off the one side of the table, P wheeled the transport stretcher up to the side of the bed. They then pulled J over onto the stretcher, strapping her to it as they had before but with fewer straps as J was unable to struggle in the state she was in. As K moved the IV bags over to the posts on the stretcher and detached all the leads and monitors J was hooked up to, P removed her surgical gown and gloves. Leaving on her bouffant and mask, she now pulled on the full face respirator she had worn before. As she pulled the rubber straps tight, only the surgical mask and her eyes were now visible. She then pulled on pink latex gloves and then a heavy pink rubber suit that covered her from foot to neck. K now came over to her and pulled the zipper up on her back and then did up the Velcro that pulled the collar tight around P’s neck. Now K removed her surgical gown and gloves as P had, while you could still hear the ventilator breathing for J. P then completed her attire with an isolation gown and another pair of the long cuff pink gloves. After P assisted K in donning the same garb they went over to J’s stretcher. P removed the ventilator tubing from the ET tube that was in J’s throat and attached an ambu bag. Now she was in control of J’s breathing as her and K now started to push J’s naked body out of the operating room. They wheeled her into a new room and moved onto a new bed that was covered in pink plastic sheets. They moved J’s motionless body onto the bed and K began to attach all the monitoring equipment again as P removed the ambu bag and attached the tubing for the ventilator that was in the room. Once again J’s breathing was being controlled by the machine. Later on they came back into the room where J was, covered only by a plastic sheet. K and P were still dressed in the extreme isolation gear they were wearing before. K pulled the sleep mask off of J’s eyes and they found she was now awake again. They now pulled the cervical collar off of her and then detached her from the ventilator. They told her to hold still as P slowly pulled the ET tube out. K then pulled an oxygen mask over J’s face. J now found that they had in fact not cut her open at all. She then asked them why they were dressed in such extreme clothing. K replied that it was again procedure for patient safety and that she should get used to it. K told her that she was to remain in isolation room for the next few days. J then asked P what they had done to her, P replied that they wanted her to know what it felt like to be one of the patients at the fetish clinic. After a few days J was now ready to leave. She pulled on the satin dress and gloves as she had worn on the way in and went to the front desk as she was about to leave. K was at the desk and told her that she could have the next couple days to rest but then told her that she was to come in for her first day as the new anaesthesiologist.


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  4. i would love to be a patient in the hospital but done in the Operatingroom ty Nurses and dont for get to Scrub before entering the Operatingroom Ty.

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    Anaesthesia, Surgery, Bondage, Dental,bondage,spankings over the knee

    i would love to be a patient in the hospital but done in the Operatingroom ty Nurses and dont for get to Scrub before entering the Operatingroom Ty

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